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Introduction (15 facts about me)

- - - blog intro post 2 - - -

Hi everyone!
My name is Milky, it’s very nice to meet you~! ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥6
This is my first ever blog post…! I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous while writing this…ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥16

I’m hoping to use this space as a diary of sorts, to catalog all of my different interests: ranging from fashion, sewing, art, toy-collecting…and whatever else happens to strike my fancy, really! Hopefully someone out there will find this interesting! ♪

So, for my very first post, I’ve decided to do a list of 15 totally-random facts about me~

cute pixel ribbon 1.)  I love maple and mint flavored things (but not together, of course!)
cute pixel ribbon 2.) I have four pet chickens and two cats
cute pixel ribbon 3.) I actually really like videogames! I don’t play much because I can’t afford the latest consoles, but my favorite consoles are 3DS and Playstation 2. I spend a lot of time on Youtube watching let’s players/streamers (my favorite is Vinesauce)
cute pixel ribbon 4.) I’m a fraternal twin
cute pixel ribbon 5.) I write fanfiction in secret ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥3
cute pixel ribbon 6.) I learned how to draw growing up because of Neopets! I wanted to win their fan art contest so badly (called the “beauty contest”, because you were supposed to draw your neopet in a new outfit), so I would practice drawing my neopets for hours…
cute pixel ribbon 7.)  On the topic of Neopets, when I was a preteen, I called myself a “virtual pet collector” and tried to play as many virtual pet style games I could find
cute pixel ribbon 8.) I always wear bloomers under my short skirts, as safety pants to avoid wardrobe malfunctions… XD
cute pixel ribbon 9.)  I love idol-themed and yuri anime ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥16
cute pixel ribbon 10.) In college I studied fashion design, with a focus in costume design! At one point I was really serious at working in theater~
cute pixel ribbon 11.) I’m very much influenced by Japanese street fashion styles like lolita fashion, decora, and fairy kei…Also raver fashion/kandi kid fashion…and vintage fashion…as you can imagine, that makes my personal style really eclectic, haha. XD
cute pixel ribbon 12.) When I was little, I liked to pretend to be a dragon
cute pixel ribbon 13.) I know how to read tarot cards
cute pixel ribbon 14.) I really like fantasy/pop surrealism style art! The kind with a cute but twisted sort of aesthetic~ A few names of artists I like: Mark Ryden, Saccstry, Ray Caesar, Natalie Shau, and…a lot of others (maybe I should make a post on that in the future…?ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥5)
cute pixel ribbon 15.) I actually really like spooky things, like horror movies and videogames~

. . . aaaaand that’s it~! ♪ I hope that was fun to read! Please look forward to my future posts~ ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥20

–  Milky xo


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