Creepy-cute cherubs ~ ‘Sonny Angel’ doll review!


Everyone say hello to ‘Sonny Angel’ ! rainbow sparkle graphic

I was taken by surprise when I ran across these Kewpie-style toys in a gift shop while I was vacationing with my mom. I’ve never seen anything like them in the area (Kewpie dolls are very rare here, I think? I think I’ve only seen one once in an antique shop) and the shop-keeper must have been really fond of them, because they were everywhere in the store. Like, I mean everywhere. There was a nice display with a large statue of Sonny Angel near the front, but then she had taken the dolls and hidden them around the shelves of the rest of the store. So that cheeky grin was mocking me throughout the entire duration of my shopping trip, tricking me into getting out my wallet to take one home…

When I brought my lucky box to the cash register (it was really hard to choose one! Blind box toys give me anxiety, haha ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥2), the shopkeeper was SO excited! She was telling me how these toys were popular in Japan for over a decade, or something along those lines (I tried to ask if they were related to Kewpie, but she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about…but after researching them later, I found that the Sonny Angel website explains how the dolls have been around 2005! So that’s pretty neat!) and that I just HAD to open my box then and there, because she wanted to know which toy I got. I had picked out a Valentine’s day themed box with an animal theme (the dolls dressed as a cat, puppy, rabbit, and teddy bear), hoping I would either get the rabbit or teddy bear doll I had seen on display in the store…And I ended up getting a special edition teddy bear Sonny Angel in white!


The Sonny Angel dolls sit at about 3 inches tall, each one with the same shifty-eyed smile, tiny white angel wings, and exposed nether-regions (which is anatomically-correct…I can’t decide if it’s cute or unsettling, haha. A nice mix of both? ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥3). The most notable thing about the dolls is their unique headgear! Each doll series has its own theme (animals, fruit, holidays, etc.) with a corresponding hat/outfit. The shopkeeper pointed out the tail on my particular Sonny Angel is a sign of it being one of the ‘special’ ones, that only appear every so often in a randomized number of boxes.

abouttopphotoFrom the official Sonny Angel website~

Overall, it’s a cute little collectible figure! They get quite pricey though–I snagged mine on sale for $5.00, but research online shows that a single box can range from around $8.00-$12.00. Unfortunately I don’t have the cash to spare on blind box toys like these, but I wouldn’t mind trying my luck at more boxes someday if I can! They’re a delightful mix of cute and weird–definitely a unique piece compared to American-style toys. I feel blessed that the particular doll I got is so relevant to my personal aesthetic tastes! ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥20

Let me know in a comment what you think of the Sonny Angel dolls–Cute? Weird? What kind of Sonny Angel is your favorite? I think the animal and flower-themed ones are really cute~ ♪

–  Milky xo

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