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Funky florals and flashy golds! Handmade reversible placemats

placemats 1.jpg

So two of my dearest friends are getting married this coming fall, and their bridal shower has arrived so quickly! I wanted to make something to show my appreciation of our friendship, that was both practical but meaningful—something they could use and cherish for years to come. But I only had two weeks to sew something! So…I made placemats.

placemats 2

I picked out the fabrics based off of the yellow-green color of the dishware they had on their registry. The fun part about this project was the fact that my friends aren’t afraid of color! So even though I was making something simple, the flashy materials made it exciting…and, the best part is…they’re reversibleANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥20

placemats 3

The colorful 1970s-esque floral could be considered the “casual” side, while the other is the more ‘formal’ regal side with glittery gold print. I bought about 2 yards of each fabric, but it probably only took about 1 ½ yards to make five placemats.

Each placemat was made up of 5 main pieces—the front middle rectangle in the floral print, the back middle rectangle in the glittery damask-inspired print, some medium-weight interfacing in the middle for stability, and four ruffles. Each ruffle has one side of each fabric, that I matched up with accordingly when I attached them to the middle rectangle. Once all four ruffles were attached to one middle rectangle, I folded over the edges of the ruffles on each corner, and top-stitched the edges together, so it would look like one big continuous ruffle.

placemats 5 placemats 6

And that’s where the trimmings come in! I cut up some old lace I had to cover any showing serger threads. I chose these delicate white butterflies for the floral side, and flashy gold roses for the glittery side. Then all that was left to do was to carefully fold over the edges of the remaining middle rectangle (what would be the back of the placemat), and top-stich it on, so that all seams were hidden!

My sewing job probably isn’t perfect—I cut corners, had stray threads, sewed crooked lines…but for a project I had to whip up relatively quickly, I think it came out pretty good!

placemats 4

For anyone else crafty out there—do you have any summer projects that you’re working on? Tell me about it in a comment! ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥6

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