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Monthly favorites – July 2018


It’s already the end of July! Can you believe it?! The East coast has been blasted with an intense heat wave this summer…it’s hard to step outside for more than five minutes without feeling like your face will melt off! All I’ve wanted to do is hide in my air conditioned room and play videogames, haha… ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥2  But it’s been a surprisingly busy month, and I have plenty of ‘favorite’ things I’d like to share with you all! Ranging from fashion accessories, to beauty products,  to games, there should be a little something for everyone to enjoy in this list~

*disclaimer: none of this post is sponsored content*

1.) Sunhats – when the summer sun is blazing, it’s helpful to protect your skin with a cute hat! I’ve started collecting vintage sunhats over the past year, and it’s been the most helpful investment. They’ve been getting used near daily this summer! Adding a straw hat to a floaty summer dress never fails to make me feel so cute and girly…I feel like I’ve stepped out of a storybook when I leave the house~

2.) Etude House Blotting Paper Compact – I discovered this product while watching a Youtube video by Sapphira von Doorn , and I’m so grateful that I did! It’s a little compact put out by the Korean makeup brand Etude House. Inside is a rectangular powderpuff with a sticker on the backside…with a stack of oil blotting sheets underneath. The idea is that you use the sticker on the powderpuff to pick up the oil blotting sheets, blot your face, and then peel off the used paper. It’s so cute! I’ve tried several different oil blotting products in the past, and this one looks a lot nicer than rubbing pieces of paper on your face, haha.  Definitely something I’ll be buying again!


3.) Love Nikki Dress Up Queen – okay, so this is the game that’s eaten up all of my free time lately! I’m totally addicted! It’s a mobile dress-up with RPG elements…so basically, you travel through a storyline battling opponents by putting together outfits. Best idea ever! But there’s more to do than just that—you can compete in styling contests, join association clubs and meet other players, decorate a virtual house for your avatar, and much more! It’s one of those games that’s actually fair with helping players to build up virtual currency without relying too heavily on microtransactions…but it’s hard to control your wallet when you want to spend money on such beautiful artwork! ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥16

4.) Evanescence’s ‘Synthesis’ album – This might go against my cutesy image, but I really love the band Evanescence! I’ve listened to them since I was a little girl, a wannabe “goth” at 10 years old…listening to ‘Fallen’ on my Hello Kitty walkman while swinging on my swingset in the backyard in what I considered my best ensemble (something probably involving black-and-white stripey socks and fishnet gloves)–a cringey but very fond memory of my childhood, haha. You can imagine that I lost my mind when I heard they were making a comeback–and collaborating with the talented Lindsey Stirling, no less! The album is a orchestral re-imagining of the band’s past hits, plus two new tracks. Lead singer Amy Lee’s vocals have always been angelic, but her singing nowadays sounds stronger, more mature–absolutely beautiful! It’s hard to pick favorites, but some of my favorite songs off the album are ‘Imperfection’, ‘Lacrymosa’, and ‘Lost in Paradise’.

5.) Konpeito candy – if you’ve seen Studi Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’, then you know what ‘konpeito’ is! It’s a Japanese candy that’s basically colored rock candy in little star shapes. It’s what the soot sprites eat in the movie~ I’ve always wanted to try some, and this summer I finally ordered myself a bag online. So yummy!


What have you been doing to stay cool this summer? Have any exciting adventures? Tell me about how you’ve been spending your month~!ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥20


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