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Thrifted DIY – Pastel Cherub Lamp


When I hit adulthood, I discovered that figuring out your personal decor aesthetic is hard work! You hit a point in your life when you realize that all of the posters you’ve put on your walls and junk on the floor that you thought was cool as a teenager just doesn’t cut it anymore, and it’s time to re-evaluate the sort of look you want your living space to have…So these days I’ve been slowly converting my bedroom to have a cutesy-but-adult aesthetic~rainbow sparkle graphic I’ve been searching for the perfect lamp to complete my bedside table…and I ended up finding it for a steal at a Savers, of all places! This romantic shabby chic-style cherub lamp had seen better days, but with my makeover, it now looks like a Rococo dream~!


Here is what the lamp looked like before I painted it. (The straw basket is for another project—one which I’ll hopefully cover here later, lol~) It was pretty beat up…lots of chipped paint and no lampshade. But thankfully my super handy spray paint in pastel pink was enough to make it look brand new! I love this Krylon all-purpose glossy spray paint–I’ve used the ‘fairytale pink’ color for several different projects now, and it’s just great! I took my lamp outside, layed out some discarded cardboard to spray on, and covered the hardware at the top with a paper cup to keep it safe. After a couple of coats, the color is clear and bright. I’ve noticed that it does have a tendency to chip if you’re using the painted item roughly, but I think I won’t have to worry too much about that for my lamp. If you plan on doing something similar, be sure to give your lamp or other painted item plenty of time to dry! I waited at least 24 hours before bringing my lamp back inside.


As an extra safety precaution, I added some felt furniture pads to the bottom of my lamp. It’s made of metal that’s quite heavy, and because my bedside table is white, I was paranoid about potential scuffing…But now it’s nice and safe, and can be moved wherever! The last thing I needed to complete the look was a simple lampshade I picked up from Target, and…voila! I was done~  And left with a super cute lamp!ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥20


What do you think? How did my latest DIY project come out? Feel free to let me know in a comment~ And if you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out my other DIYsrainbow sparkle graphic

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