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Monthly favorites – August 2018


So we’ve finally arrived at the end of August—Autumn is just around the corner! rainbow sparkle graphic The air is starting to get crisper here, and I can’t wait to start wearing cute tights and sweaters again. I have so many outfits planned for the cooler weather~ ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥3 But for now I’m still trapped inside, hiding in the air conditioning…But at least I’ve had lots of time to be productive! I’ve spent a lot of time this month drawing and writing (I’m working on a new fanfic…but it’s a secret, sssh!) and have several new favorite things to share with you all this month. Starting with…

*disclaimer: none of this post is sponsored content*

1.) The ‘#drawthisinyourstylechallenge’ – if you follow any artists on Instagram or Twitter, then you’ve probably seen this drawing challenge going around!

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