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Floral locket sweetheart~ { ootd }


The heatwave here in the US is still going strong–it’s really hard to dress cutely when the humidity makes it feel like you’re swimming through the air! ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥7 But I put together this airy floral look for running some errands.

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A Happy (Un)Birthday to me!


My birthday just passed near the end of July—it’s crazy how time just flies by! The older you get, the lazier you become with planning birthday celebrations, but I had a really nice day. My parents surprised me with some expensive cupcakes and this beautiful Alice in Wonderland card. I really love Alice in Wonderland—and it ended up being a sort of a “theme” for the day, as I included Alice motifs in my outfit…and I ended up going on a mysterious adventure that including lots of pretty, dusty old things! Read on to see my outfit and antique haul~! rainbow sparkle graphic

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Monthly favorites – July 2018


It’s already the end of July! Can you believe it?! The East coast has been blasted with an intense heat wave this summer…it’s hard to step outside for more than five minutes without feeling like your face will melt off! All I’ve wanted to do is hide in my air conditioned room and play videogames, haha… ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥2  But it’s been a surprisingly busy month, and I have plenty of ‘favorite’ things I’d like to share with you all! Ranging from fashion accessories, to beauty products,  to games, there should be a little something for everyone to enjoy in this list~

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