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Discovering the tiny joys of ‘Pocket Dragons’


I’m blessed to have some great charity shops near me—a daytrip to one of the local shops in my area can lead to finding some wonderful surprises! (and also inevitably help someone in need—a double win!rainbow sparkle graphic)

My latest thrifting trip led to my discovery of ‘Pocket Dragons’. I had never heard of these charming collectible figures before until I stumbled across them in a nearby church thrift shop. Someone had donated a sizeable collection of them in all sorts of situations and sizes, from tiny to huge! I’ve always been partial to dragons (and I’ve had them on the brain lately, because the Spyro the Dragon re-imagining happening this fall!) and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw them on display.

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A Happy (Un)Birthday to me!


My birthday just passed near the end of July—it’s crazy how time just flies by! The older you get, the lazier you become with planning birthday celebrations, but I had a really nice day. My parents surprised me with some expensive cupcakes and this beautiful Alice in Wonderland card. I really love Alice in Wonderland—and it ended up being a sort of a “theme” for the day, as I included Alice motifs in my outfit…and I ended up going on a mysterious adventure that including lots of pretty, dusty old things! Read on to see my outfit and antique haul~! rainbow sparkle graphic

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Creepy-cute cherubs ~ ‘Sonny Angel’ doll review!


Everyone say hello to ‘Sonny Angel’ ! rainbow sparkle graphic

I was taken by surprise when I ran across these Kewpie-style toys in a gift shop while I was vacationing with my mom. I’ve never seen anything like them in the area (Kewpie dolls are very rare here, I think? I think I’ve only seen one once in an antique shop) and the shop-keeper must have been really fond of them, because they were everywhere in the store. Like, I mean everywhere. There was a nice display with a large statue of Sonny Angel near the front, but then she had taken the dolls and hidden them around the shelves of the rest of the store. So that cheeky grin was mocking me throughout the entire duration of my shopping trip, tricking me into getting out my wallet to take one home…

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