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Discovering the tiny joys of ‘Pocket Dragons’


I’m blessed to have some great charity shops near me—a daytrip to one of the local shops in my area can lead to finding some wonderful surprises! (and also inevitably help someone in need—a double win!rainbow sparkle graphic)

My latest thrifting trip led to my discovery of ‘Pocket Dragons’. I had never heard of these charming collectible figures before until I stumbled across them in a nearby church thrift shop. Someone had donated a sizeable collection of them in all sorts of situations and sizes, from tiny to huge! I’ve always been partial to dragons (and I’ve had them on the brain lately, because the Spyro the Dragon re-imagining happening this fall!) and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw them on display.

‘Pocket Dragons’ were a phenomena that reigned in the 1990s to the early 2000s, with their popularity mostly found in the UK. There were countless figurines made, along with a cartoon, and even a card game! I can’t believe I slept on this…if I caught wind of these as a dragon-loving kid, I have no doubts that I would have ended up in a sizeable collection!

It took a long time to decide which ones to get, but I ended up walking away with three little dragons…and then my mom went back in secret and bought me two more, and surprised me with them for my birthday! So now I have a little family of five~

IMG_3868 (2)

The tallest dragons in my collection are just over 3 inches tall. Each dragon has a sticker on its bottom listing its name and date of production. These two are accurately named ‘Scribbles’ (the one holding a pencil) and ‘Attention to Detail’ (the one cleaning himself). These guys are just so cute! I love their big ears the most!


The next pair of dragons fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to size–“Twinkle Toes“, a prima-ballerina in a pink tutu, and “A Little Security“, cuddling a fuzzy blanket, sit at just about 2 inches tall.


Last but not least is this unnamed fellow with a real attitude! There aren’t any markings on the bottom, so I have no idea what his name is supposed to be, but he’s my favorite out of the five–his cranky face makes me laugh so much! His tongue is out and his brow is furrowed. I can only imagine the sound he’s trying to make…probably something similar to the noise I make when I’m stuck in traffic… ANIMATED ANIMU FACES♥7 He’s also the smallest of the group, standing at only about an inch and a half.

Have any of you heard of ‘Pocket Dragons’? Which dragon here is your favorite? Tell me all about it in a comment! And if you like reading about toys, be sure to check out my other toy reviews~!







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